July 2nd, 2012

I left My friend’s house around noon.

Leaving is always the hardest part.

I stopped about halfway, at the MINI/BMW in Latham, NY to have them look at MINI. She was having a tough time getting going, after a rest. The same problem she had before St.Louis MINI worked on her and charged me a bundle…..These guys found a problem that was under recall, along with one other thing that cost me a hundred dollars. Then I was on my way again.

Another three hours, and I arrived at my sissy’s house…..finally, around 9 pm.

Sadly though, she was having, a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day. Maybe even her worst day ever. Within ten days of my arrival though, both of her boys, and both of their partners had places to live, and jobs to go to…….still working on transportation though.

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Palmyra, NY 6~28~12

My great friend from Senior year of HS…..the one month I was at MLHS…the second of three, I went to that year :O

This is my second trip out here to see her. The first trip was in 1979

Pookie does love her men

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Friday, June 22nd, 2012 About 12:34am :}~

OK, well maybe not Exactly, but approximately.

One last visit with my girl. She came over to her mom’s, around 10pm. We hung out for a couple of hours, then it was time for both of us to leave. I had a 9 and a half hour drive ahead of me, and she needed to get back home.

I usually have an easier time driving at night, but not this time. I ended up stopping a number of times, just to stretch my legs, and get some air. I had chosen, what seemed to be the more sensible route, through Indianapolis, to avoid the morning rush hour of Chicago. Perhaps my GPS knew, what I didn’t. Construction, construction, and some construction, including a detour, off the highway, for maybe 20 miles geeze! Oh, and there isn’t a Highway that goes around Indianapolis. In fact, there isn’t one that goes through. You have to drive through town on surface streets.

I arrived at my destination, in Walled Lake MI, and my friend, whom I had only known from online, but had promised me a dance, looked exactly like his pictures. Very tall, very slender, very handsome, and very kind. One of the best I’ve met. We went to a Salsa workshop on Saturday, and tonight, it’s West Coast Swing. Then it’s time for me to move on.


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St Louis

My time in St Louis, was short, but sweet.

I went on a fun date, with a new friend, chatted endlessly with a couple of old ones, and spruced up MINI!

Mmmm, two new tires!! Yes, they were still under warrantee, but that doesn’t include normal wear. That can’t be predicted, due to the possibility of misalignment, said the man. It only covers punctures etc. Hmmm, I wonder how they can predict that, and not normal wear. I don’t know about you, but I’m confused! Anyway, $853.00 later (only $500 for the two tires), I was on my way. New timing belt tensioner, oil change, and of course the new tires.

The two old friends I mentioned, are, an ex-wife of an ex-boyfriend, and her daughter. The daughter is now 24. Wow! The difference between 4, and 24, is quite significant. She was a cute, sweet, stubborn 4 year old, with as much charisma as a 4 year old can muster, and now, she’s a cute, sweet, less stubborn 24 year old, with even more charisma! OK, so maybe the difference isn’t so vast, but….well, she IS much taller now :}~ It was soooo good to see them both. I wish I could’ve seen the other daughter too. Maybe next time.

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My Kansas Christening

Yes, backtracking again, but just a bit. The night I arrived in Kansas, I sat down at the kitchen table, with my gf, to chat. She picked up a LARGE jar, of Apricots, she’d been fermenting. As she did, the lid came slightly open. With perfect aim, she christened me with sticky fermenting Apricot juice, all up and down, from face to waist! Well, that doesn’t happen every day! Welcome to Kansas, Heidi, glad you could make it! Would you like a shower?

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Movie, Popcorn, and $2 Margaritas

Friday evening, Dawn’s son Kyle, suggested we go ‘out’ instead of sitting around being old Fuddy Duddies. Eventually, we decided to go to a movie. ‘Dark Shadows’ was playing at the local theater, so we went. It was $7.50 each, with coupons for our next visit to be only $5 each.  The Theater was built in the teens, of the 20th century, when ‘Silent Films’ were playing. It wasn’t lavish, but it was stylish. They had a special at the concession stand, for a large refillable popcorn, and two large drinks, for $7. If you sit in the balcony, which of course we did, they come up during the film, collect your cups and tub, and bring them back to you refilled, so you don’t even have to go down to get them refilled! Nice!!

Originally we were planning to eat at the little Mexican place next door, after the movie! We were so full of popcorn, and soft drinks, that we decided to just get a drink, instead. As we started to look at the menu, the waiter pointed out that the regular Margaritas were on special for $2, instead of the usual $3. They were pretty darn good, too!!!


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Post Office, vs United Parcel Service

Oh!!! I forgot to tell you about my wonderful adventure, as I tried to leave the Dallas area:

I really had just too much stuff in my car, so I went through my things and decided what I could live without. I hesitantly chose my Rollerblade’s, as part of this group 😦 I packed up a big box, and on my way out of town, I took it to the Post Office. They wanted over $40 to send it. I thought “Forget that”! Bigger words actually came to mind, but I may have nice readers who don’t want to see those words. So I decided to go to UPS, and carried that 40 plus pound box, back to my car, put it back in Pooka’s seat, and drove to UPS. I had to wait, and wait, but finally the guy decided to help me. I filled in the computer form, and put the box on the scale. He told me it would be $58. :0 I gasped, told the guy it was $40 at the P.O., and carried it once again back to the car. This time some of those words actually slipped out of my mouth! Then I took it to another P.O. and paid the $41.37, and went on my way. My car seemed just as full as it had before, but after driving in the heat, things settled, and I can definitely see the difference now. Phew!!!!

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