For Starters

OK, this is my first attempt at a BLOG entry. It’s Questions that were asked me, by a family member, whom I have not seen in a very long time. I left the name out, in case this person didn’t want people to know who it is. I figured others might have some of these same questions, so………..

Hi, Heidi.

Wow! What an adventuresome spirit! I’d love to see you. I’m full of questions.

(1) Will you be visiting Sarah (whoever she is) soon and be staying in Texas with her until after she delivers her baby in August?

Sarah is my daughter. I will get to Texas sometime in early August, and stay as long as she needs me.

(2) Where are you getting the money to do all this traveling, e.g., gas & car maintenance, food/eating out, daily expenses?

I have been using money from my IRA to live on. I will continue to do that, unless I find another way to make money along the way.

(3) Where are all the locations you may be visiting? And, in what order?

I was originally going to head South first, when I thought I would have to move out of the house before Winter. Now that spring is here, I will, instead start out by heading East. I don’t know as many people in the Northern half of the US, so I may dip down as far as Colorado, and Even Kansas, and Missouri. Then I will start heading back up Northerly to Michigan, then East again to New York. My Northeastern location will be Chelmsford, Massachusetts, where Amy lives. Then down to Florida, where I have a girlfriend, from High School. Then I will make my way to Texas. I will be keeping a blog, so anyone who is interested in my progress, may check in there. I will send you the address, as soon as I’m sure what it is.

(4) Since WA is one of the states you’ve listed as including simply to keep them in the loop, does that mean you won’t be visiting your father, mother, brothers or any other relatives I may not even know?

I will see my mom before I leave, as well as both brothers. I do see them occasionally now. Dad is one of my first stops. The first one where I will stay the night. I will likely only stay a day or two there.

(5) How long do you plan to stay in each location?

I will stay as long as the people I’m staying with would like me to stay (within reason). A day, a week, a month….It also depends on where else I need to be, and when. I need to be in Chelmsford by the end of June, when Amy finishes school. Likely a week or two there. It’s usually pretty crazy around there, so we’ll see.

(6) Assuming you’re not wealthy, are you planning to find temporary jobs wherever you visit?

If work presents itself, I will do whatever is available, but don’t want to get stuck somewhere before I get to Sarah.

(7) How will you continue “writing about your adventures”? Do you have a laptop, ePad, iphone? Or will it be by snail mail?

Oh yes, I will bring my (17″) laptop, and I also have a DROID RAZR (Smart Phone).

Will we be able to communicate by email?


(8) Your two minis must include a dog, so when you visit me, I’ll need to find a place for you to park your car in this 304 unit condo complex, as well as have a dog in the apartment?

Yes, one of my Mini’s is a Miniature Schnauzer. She doesn’t shed, and is very well behaved. Most people are surprised at how well behaved she is.

(9) Are you putting furniture and/or other belongings in storage with the intention of returning to Bellingham?

Yes, I have a girlfriend who has a large portion of land with her house, she calls The Farm. I think it was an Orchard, but I’m not sure of it’s history. I paid her $1000. to build me a storage shed (her husband built it). This will grant me storage for 2 years.

(10) If you’re not planning to return to Bellingham, do you know yet where you may want to settle in, or is that part of your reason for the adventure of seeing the USA?

I am leaving that open. If I find a place that feels more like home than Bellingham, I may stay there, otherwise I will return to Bellingham. Ultimately, I would like to be in Bellingham during the Summer months, and someplace warm, during mud season.

(11) Do you have a GPS system in your mini?

I don’t have one built into the MINI, but I do have one on my smart phone, so I’m good! Plus I’m usually pretty good with directions, as well.

Looking forward to reading about your adventures and your visit.

Me too! I’m glad you’re interested. I remember when you wrote me a letter about your adventure when you first got your lifetime pass. I loved that, and I think it sparked my adventurous spirit.

Love ‘n Hugs,

I Love you too! 🙂

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3 Responses to For Starters

  1. Erick says:

    Hi Heidi,

    Have wonderful travels and enjoy! Send pics when you have time –

  2. Brian & Rebecca says:

    Wow Heidi,
    This sounds like something Rebecca and I have wanted to do for a long time.
    Unplug and travel.
    We wish you the best! Enjoy and take lots of pictures!
    Brian & Rebecca

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