Hanging with friends

In my exhaustion, I lost my struggle with the cold virus I was exposed to. I ended up staying an extra night at the Motel 6 in San Jose. I finally got my MINI repacked, but not a whole lot better than the first time. I still can’t find my pseudophedrine tablets. I did find some of that fake stuff, but that didn’t work, so I’m all stuffed up, even though I took that nasal decongestant. Anyway, when I finally got out of there, I called my friends Rae and Norman who used to live in Bellingham. I used to work with Rae at Horizon Air. They work in Berkley, and live in Pleasant Hill, and spend weekends at their place in Lower Lake, near Clear Lake. We’ve been having crazy fun, being silly and laughing a lot.

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One Response to Hanging with friends

  1. Michael says:

    sounds like your on the mend and being silly and laughing is a good cure for what ever .
    Sunny here in Chilliwack but can not say it is warm. I sure do like reading your posts. Have fun

    oxox Michael

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