Finally, I reconnect with my computer!

For some reason, I haven’t been able to post with my phone lately.

Friday, the 27th, I made my way down the mountain, and into Antioch, where my gf of 30 years, Karen, and her family live. It’s been so great to see her, but I feel bad, not being able to do much. My cold has reached my right ear, and I cannot hear well. It feels like I got water in it, and can’t get it out, or like I’m 20 feet under water, and can’t equalize. Very uncomfortable. Tomorrow (really later today, as it is 1:09am), I’m going down to Oakland to the free clinic. There is one in Berkeley too, but the one in Oakland had a really good review. Hopefully I can get in, and they can fix this thing. One of my good friends from Bellingham area gave me the recipe for Hot Toddy, so I did that last night and tonight. I did feel a bit better in the morning, but my ear is still plugged. 😥

That’s all for tonight. I’m tired, and don’t feel well. I did get some sun though. Maybe even a little too much.


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2 Responses to Finally, I reconnect with my computer!

  1. Judy D Dight says:

    I hope you were able to get into that clinic today and you start feeling better soon! xo

  2. Tony says:

    Wow you are amazing.

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