Antioch to Oakland, and Happy Birthday to Karen!

Thursday, 5-10-12 I drove down to Oakland to see my buddy Peggy. I’ve known Peggy for 37 years. We sat out by the pool at her tennis club. Sunbathing has always been one of our favorite mutual past times. We’re really good at it :}~ Then we went back to her place. She has moved since my last visit. Her new place is really cool!!! Anyway after that, she took me to an Indian restaurant, in Berkeley. Restaurants are especially difficult right now with my ear all plugged up. It’s pretty amazing how much fun we always have together. Just being silly and talking. Even when it’s been a few years, and things have changed in our lives, we seem to just pick up where we left off. I think in some ways our friendship is even better now, because we have matured (though I REALLY hate to admit that, since I’ve always fancied myself to be a Pipi Longstockings, or Peter Pan type), and communicate so much more clearly. I stayed there Thursday night, but Danny, her bf just finished cutting an album (he’s a Jazz & Blues Musician), and needed his space. He was exhausted. It actually worked out well, because I needed to go back to Antioch, to say a proper goodbye to Karen and her family. I left without notice on Thursday. Even though I’ve felt pretty sick a lot of the time I’ve been here, it’s been really great to just hang out. It’s been even longer between visits with Karen, than with Peggy.

Karen and I used to do lip sync together (30 years ago). Yes, you read that right. Lip sync. We always had such a great time. We did it almost every weekend for awhile, and always made it into the semi-finals. The very last time we did it, was at a  Finals in Mt Vernon. We knew we wouldn’t win, because there were acts from all over the state, and lots of them. It was crazy! Plus, the act I was doing, I had placed third out of three acts in Bellingham, and it was a song no one had ever even heard. I kept hoping maybe Karen would at least take fifth, since there were five places to be won, so when they called a different act I was disappointed. I held out a little hope, that she might take third, or fourth, but figured I was just crazy to think she would place, at this point. Then we thought it was weird that the best act (besides us of course), only took third place. When they called her name for second, I was elated! I couldn’t believe one of us had placed, let alone taken Second. It was perfect, and we finally felt like the contest was fair. I think Bellingham got sick of us, so they always gave the prizes to the other acts. Maybe just to get more people to come back since we were pretty much a sure thing. I was so excited that one of us had placed, that I almost didn’t hear them, when they called my name for First!!!! That’s right! I took First place!!! I was so blown away, and unprepared for it, that I did a REALLY bad encore! Yes, first place was to do their performance again! I was almost in hysterics with disbelief and rapture. All evening we had been telling everyone that we didn’t expect to win, we were just there to have fun. It was the Icing on our Lip Sync Cake. Good memories, like that are so much fun.

Anyway, In the morning, I head back to Oakland for some more fun in the sun. Danny will be gone all day, so we have the day together, without worrying about anyone else.

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