OK, this one’s going to be a long one, so sit back, relax, and enjoy the read :}~

After leaving Antioch, a friend of mine let me stay at a house, that he was watching for awhile, while the owners were out of town. It was, an absolutely beautiful house, in Los Gatos. There were only two things wrong with it. First of all, it was spotless! Both Pookie and I struggled with this. I held my breath the whole time I was there. Secondly, it was nowhere near any stores. Anyway, we stayed there for a couple of days, till I could decide what was next.

Since I still didn’t know whether Glen had really died, or if his parents were just playing a really cruel trick on me, I decided to go find his death certificate. I drove down to Monterey, to the courthouse. Found out I had to go to the ‘Records’ office in Salinas. I got there in plenty of time, but discovered it had not been filed yet. This did not help. They gave me the number for the health department. I called. By the time I actually talked to someone, only to find out I had the wrong number. It was after 4:00, so it was too late to call. At this point, I didn’t know what to do.

I went back to Monterey where there are several dive shops. I was told by a friend of mine to try a product that is sold at dive shops, that would surely help my plugged ear. I got there with 10 minutes to spare, before they close, at 6pm. They were closed. I was not a happy camper, since I was now out of time to go to any of the other dive shops. I pondered what to do, for a very long time. Finally, I stopped at a Subway Sandwich shop, and bought dinner. Then on to find a motel. I looked up dog friendly motels, and found one for $44. I was almost checked in, when they said “Just one adult?” I said “Yep, and one little doggie” He looked at me funny and said “What?”I said “Just me, and my dog!” He said “We don’t accept dogs here.” Ugh! This day was not getting any better. I got back on my phone, and found a motel 6 a few doors down, that also claimed to accept dogs. This time, I brought my baby in with me. We stayed there for the night. I still wasn’t sure where I would go the next day, because I never heard back from my friend that I was hoping to go see in Denver. We slept in, then went to another dive shop. I sat for a long time trying to figure out which direction I would go. Finally, I started driving.

I called my Aunt, to see if she was going to be around. She was a bit surprised, but said I could stay the night. Then we decided I should go ahead and stay another night, so we could do a couple more things. We had a great time! We discovered we have a lot in common, and a few things that are very different.

Then Saturday morning, I was off to Lakewood, NM. That’s where my friend Peggy’s mom lives. I got there by 12:45 am her time, one hour later than CA. We had a great time, just taking the doggies for walks, and driving around, eating at buffets. On Monday, I went to the chiropractor. She did a great job, and only charged me $38. Even though it was my first visit!!! I went back again on Tuesday, and she didn’t charge me at all. She called it a tune up. She is an amazing person. We hit it off right away, because we’re only 6 weeks apart in age, and because she had just read a book about a woman, who had sold everything, and started driving around the country with her dog. It was a bit different story, but similar enough, that it really struck her. Then we went over to the vet, and made an appointment to get Pooka’s teeth cleaned, and her shots caught up. While she was there, I had them pluck her ears, trim her nails, express her glands, etc. They called me to let me know she had a growth in her mouth, and asked if I wanted it checked for cancer, or if I just wanted to keep an eye on it……yah, right. On Friday she called, and let me know it was NOT cancerous. That was a HUGE relief for me, as you can imagine. $531.37 later! :0

Wednesday, I left for Sunnyvale, TX where a friend if mine (Rick) lives. He said I could stay with him. He also said I could do some work for him, so I’ll be doing some painting tomorrow. On Wednesday, we arrived to his house, at the exact same time, as he had just gotten off work. He has a swimming pool, so I’m a happy camper. Friday, he left to go to FL to help a friend of his with his house. He came back Sunday evening.

My baby, Sarah made a wish a few weeks ago. She wrote “26 more days till im 21! 🙂 wish my mom and dad were here to spend it with me”

That’s why I haven’t been writing. I didn’t want to ruin the surprise. I wanted to make sure she was around when I got there, though, so I called her bf Nathan, so he could make sure she stayed around, and didn’t make out of town plans. I left Sunnyvale, TX around 8am. I got to Rosenberg, TX by 12:35pm. No one was there. I texted her, and called and texted Nathan. No response. I thought hmmm, I wonder if Nathan forgot! The neighbor saw me hanging around, and asked if I was Sarah’s mom. I said I was, and she said. “They went to Galveston to the beach!” I said ‘How far is Galveston?” “An hour and a half” she said. I thought hmmm, bummer! She said ‘Hang on, let me see if I can get a hold of Nathan’s sister Alyssa”. Lucky for me, (and Sarah) she did. I was QUITE relieved! They were there in about 15 minutes. Then Sarah and I went in my car, and Nathan and Victor (Alyssa’s husband) went in their car, and Alyssa rode with Victor’s mom, his two sister’s, and 3 little kids. Yes, we drove an hour and a half, to a beach (not Galveston), and OMG!!! I’ve never seen a more disgusting beach. It was FILTHY, and crowded, and I had already driven 5 hours to see her, but it was her birthday, and I wanted her to get to do whatever she wanted. I don’t think she was much more thrilled about it than I was, so we stayed a couple of hours, then she and I left. We were going to go home, and grab a quick shower, then go out to dinner. I was going to take her, and Nathan. When we got to her house, there wasn’t a way to get in. We texted Nathan’s mom, and she popped over, and helped us break in. I took a quick rinse shower, and we visited with his mom (Mary) for a bit, then left to go find an Indian restaurant. We have one in Bellingham that we like to go to together. We finally found the closest one, that had five stars. Turns out it’s closed on Mondays 😥 So the next one we called first, and got there 45 minutes before they closed. It was good, but the food we usually order, we get in Medium heat. At this place, it only came in HOT. We got it anyway, and although it was good, it would’ve been better a bit less hot! It was REALLY fun so see, and to hang out with Sarah. It’s been a year and a half, since I’ve seen her. Can’t wait to see her again in August, and to meet my granddaughter. After dinner, we went back to her place. I took about an hour nap, and left about 1:00 am. I arrived back in Sunnyvale, by 6am.

Rick wasn’t feeling well, but we went out and did some errands anyway. By 2pm we were both exhausted. He went in to take a nap. I started working on my blog, and setting up an appointment for a two and a half hour test, for a job with the TSA, which I applied for last fall, and they finally got back to me. I had given up. I hope the job doesn’t start till after October. I’ve got places to go, and people to see! Mom will be happy if I get it though, because it’s for the Bellingham Airport. At the time, it hadn’t occurred to me to apply anywhere else! I’m kind of liking Dallas so far though. It’s kind of spread out, but there are a lot of new-ish areas, and lots and lots of men wanting to meet me :}-

OK, enough for now. I’m sure I’ve forgotten something, so I’ll fill in, if I think of anything I’ve left out. Good Night. I have to work in the morning :0

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One Response to Backtrack

  1. dex3703 says:

    Quite a journey and a comedy of errors! Hope you get the job, but not in Dallas! Yikes!

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