Tried to leave for Kansas on Sunday, but started feeling too sick, so I crawled back in bed. It took me till Tuesday to get out of there. We were so excited to see each other we talked, and talked till wee hours. Dawn had to work Wednesday morning, so I slept in. Thursday, was her last day, do I went with her, so we could play in Wichita after work. Unfortunately, when we got there, she tried to prop a door open with a wedge shaped door stop, but when she went to kick it snugly under the door, the gap in the door was so large, that the wedge kept going, and so did her foot, but not her toenail. It caught the edge of the door, and ripped almost off. She didn’t scream, but I did. OMG, she was in so much pain, I could feel it, and it was making me sick to my stomach. She wrapped it in masking tape, and finished her day. At noon, when she got done, she called and made an appointment to see the doctor. We went grocery shopping on the way home, and managed to fit it into my MINI, even with all my stuff! I took pics of the Dr removing the left side, of the big toenail, of her big toe, on her left foot. If anyone would like to see the pics, I’ll send them to you. I know, I’m weird, the pain I couldn’t handle, but the bloody procedure, was no big deal.  

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