Movie, Popcorn, and $2 Margaritas

Friday evening, Dawn’s son Kyle, suggested we go ‘out’ instead of sitting around being old Fuddy Duddies. Eventually, we decided to go to a movie. ‘Dark Shadows’ was playing at the local theater, so we went. It was $7.50 each, with coupons for our next visit to be only $5 each.  The Theater was built in the teens, of the 20th century, when ‘Silent Films’ were playing. It wasn’t lavish, but it was stylish. They had a special at the concession stand, for a large refillable popcorn, and two large drinks, for $7. If you sit in the balcony, which of course we did, they come up during the film, collect your cups and tub, and bring them back to you refilled, so you don’t even have to go down to get them refilled! Nice!!

Originally we were planning to eat at the little Mexican place next door, after the movie! We were so full of popcorn, and soft drinks, that we decided to just get a drink, instead. As we started to look at the menu, the waiter pointed out that the regular Margaritas were on special for $2, instead of the usual $3. They were pretty darn good, too!!!


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