Post Office, vs United Parcel Service

Oh!!! I forgot to tell you about my wonderful adventure, as I tried to leave the Dallas area:

I really had just too much stuff in my car, so I went through my things and decided what I could live without. I hesitantly chose my Rollerblade’s, as part of this group 😦 I packed up a big box, and on my way out of town, I took it to the Post Office. They wanted over $40 to send it. I thought “Forget that”! Bigger words actually came to mind, but I may have nice readers who don’t want to see those words. So I decided to go to UPS, and carried that 40 plus pound box, back to my car, put it back in Pooka’s seat, and drove to UPS. I had to wait, and wait, but finally the guy decided to help me. I filled in the computer form, and put the box on the scale. He told me it would be $58. :0 I gasped, told the guy it was $40 at the P.O., and carried it once again back to the car. This time some of those words actually slipped out of my mouth! Then I took it to another P.O. and paid the $41.37, and went on my way. My car seemed just as full as it had before, but after driving in the heat, things settled, and I can definitely see the difference now. Phew!!!!

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