Quick Synopsis, for my new readers

If you went back and read the first post it would clear up a few things.
I lived in Bellingham WA. I got a divorce two years ago. The X was awarded the house. He immediately quit making payments. It sat empty for months. I moved back in. When I had to move out, I put my stuff in storage, packed my car, and took off down the road. I Planned on heading East, because the weather was starting to get warm. Then I found out that my friend might be closer to death than I realized, so I headed for Carmel. He was staying at his bosses place (Clint Eastwood). When I got as far as San Jose, I learned that he had died. I stayed in the Bay Area for awhile visiting a lot of my friends. Then to TX for my daughters Birthday.
I guess the really short version would be to say I’m traveling for up to a year.

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